May 7, 2007

Mommy, what color is that? It's nigger brown, dear.

Via Into Spanish (check out also Colloquial Spanish, bringing you equivalent expressions and idioms in English and Spanish, also featured on Into Spanish.

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May 1, 2007

Trying to quit. I started today, feeling a bit hungover after a couple of wine bottles with my girlfriends last night. So far no cravings. Let's see when the rest of the alcohol evaporates. Don't you love that gesturing hand, holding a cigarrete on this no smoking sign? Got to get back to my cows now. Mu.


Scenario 1. Translator is bored at the prospect of subtitling the speech of someone he doesn't like. Translator thinks, I will just make a little joke here, surely the editor will spot it and we'll have a laugh at the drinking fountain later on. Editor doesn't spot it. Translator gets sacked. Definetely an extreme case of the Oopsie.

Scenario 2. Translator is fed up with his job at the news agency, even more fed up with being a translator, always bowing to someone to elses' ideas, always servile, translating stuff he doesn't agree with. Translator willfully makes a change of meaning, much in the tradition of the proofreader in História do Cerco de Lisboa. Translator gets sacked. Definetely an acute case of Tradutore Tradittoritis.

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