Aug 28, 2003

La Collectioneuse. I've started a new collection today. The first item is an ultra vintage, customized and polka-dot-rimmed teacup and saucer from the very traditional hotel I working at today. Interpreting can be more fun than shoplifting. But... Remember Winona!

The Web has been doing its brisk proliferation and information sharing thing just fine without me but as you probably know I have been absent. Reason? My apartment is being renovated with the inhabitants inside (2 women a girl and a hamster). Dust particulates flying everywhere, soiled leather scarpins de rigueur. It's going to be a full revamp. So far we've built a home theater in the living room, with the shelves decorated with lovely Ibiza-style tiles. Now I got plenty of room for the books that were being piled up literally on the floor for lack of space. Next, shelves, more shelves, in my bedroom this time. I also got dimmers installed in the living room and my fireplace painted white. Hmm, where is my digital camera? Does acrylic paint cathc fire? By the time the renovators reach the bathroom I will have collapsed with a nervous breakdown.

I've become a moronic decorette of sorts and all I can think about is wide plank floors, paint colors, wallpaper, teak furniture and bathtubs. I don't know what's wrong with me but now I obsess about pinho de riga (the most beautiful wood ever milled). I've also been doing my rounds on the Internet, trying unsucessfully to find door models from here yonder and yesteryear. Zilch.

Every free moment I have and there haven't been many with agencies from Singapore to Ribeirão Preto trying to bury my decorating mania under tons of words, anyhow, any free moment I have is spent contemplating the posh lamp stores that are too expensive to even dream of or the JAF junkyard looking for architectural ornaments and especially that ellusive antique door made with wood over 100 years old. ( I will settle for 80 years old).

It's all about the fetish of grand homes, I know. But a girl has got to have some fun after interpreting words such as bolus, teratogenic (no idea how to spell) and aguarrás (mineral spirits! I remembered that one! hooray)

São Paulo is freezing cold and humid tonight (translation 14C on the tropical thermometer). I would really love to light up the fireplace...I will keep the world posted if the acrylic paint catches fire.

Sidenote to my faithful readers: while I satisfy my monomania, could you please help me find the following Web object:

- Tu t'laisses aller MP3 - Charles Aznavour song featured in A Woman is a Woman

Minor obsessions still flourish...


Ofício de Tradutor. Entrevista de Paulo Henriques Britto.


Aug 21, 2003

Rapidly Replicating Brazucamemes. Today's memes are strictly for the Brazilian culture enthusiasts. One and two. Second aception in the OED for Brazilian, wow. Why isn't it something to do with nuclear physics or something, I wonder? It could be worse, however, see the lewd definition of a "Espanhola" in Portuguese.


Aug 19, 2003

Father of Transcreation Dies in São Paulo. O poeta, tradutor e figura seminal da intelectualidade brasileira, Haroldo de Campos, morreu domingo passado.

Nas listas de tradutores, aproveita-se a emergência do tema Haroldo para criticar duramente o seu trabalho, rebaixado por alguns à categoria de empulhação. Acho que não se pode entender as vanguardas brasileiras e o concretismo em particular sem reconhecer a importância de Haroldo de Campos. A inveja move mais mundos do que a física.

Fico sentida com sua morte, e mais ainda, ao ver a pobreza de espírito com que os pensadores verdadeiramente originais são encarados no meu país. Por sorte a imprensa brasileira faz jus a Haroldo em diversos editoriais e artigos.

Um punhado de links não pode dar a dimensão do trabalho do Haroldo. Leiam o Anticrítico.

Links relacionados: entrevista com Haroldo de Campos


Aug 10, 2003

Is Technical Translation Really a Collaborative Activity? Steve Vlasa Vitek on patent translations. "Not all technical translation is suitable for the collaborative, multi-layered approach to proofreading by 'bilingual category experts' that is supposedly practiced by some translation agencies".


Two Art Exhibits. Spring rains have descended over São Paulo this weekend, perfect weather to seek shelter in the exhibit grounds of Ibirapuera Park. Yesterday we saw Art Revolution: A Bigger Splash. Arte Britânica da Tate Gallery de 1960-2003 (click on Galeria de Fotos for a sample), which was nothing short of fantastic and O Retorno dos Gigantes, with German neo-expressionist works from 1975-85. One of our favorite artists in the shows was Hannah Starkey.


Aug 9, 2003

Animadversions on translation. It is rare to find the latest Latvian, Chilean or Vietnamese novels made into English. As the translation of foreign novels withers into decorative star-gazing or random exoticism, a translator of Franz Kafka and Joseph Roth registers the intimate bond between a healthy writing culture and the enlarging experience of literary otherness. What happens when it is lost?