Apr 22, 2006

Wikiwords. Proz.com has just launched a new initiative that may well become a
very important resource for translators and the general public.

It's called Wikiwords.

Here's an explanation from the About page:

Wikiwords is a collaborative project to create a dictionary of all
terms in all languages with definitions and example sentences. It is
maintained and sponsored by the professional translators of ProZ.com.

The Wikiwords schema is built around concepts. For example, a dog is a
concept. It can be conveyed in the English language with more than one
term (such as dog, doggie, etc.). In Wikiwords, these terms are linked
to the concept of a dog, as well as other terms in other languages
that convey this same concept. Similarly, definitions and fields are
also related to concepts. The diagram below summarizes the Wikiwords

Translators have been helping each other translate difficult terms on
ProZ.com using the KudoZ network since 1999. Many of these
translations have been entered into a browsable glossary of terms
called the KudoZ Open Glossary (KOG). Created in 2003, the KOG now has
term translations in over 900 language pairs. Wikiwords aims to be an
extension of the KOG by making it available to a wider group, making
it easier to grow.

Wikiwords started off with imports from KudoZ, the KOG and Wordnet.

They also publish the following caveat:

Our focus now is on the mechanisms, and we are not
concerning ourselves with content--or quality--yet. So contributions
you make now are likely to get wiped at the end of the beta period.

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