Apr 13, 2006

Engenho Central. When I was living in Piracicaba one of my favorite places was the old sugar mill. I'd heard it was being revitalized by Arquitetura Brasil, the architects behind the wonderful KKKK Cultural Center, but now some sketches and plans are out.

Marcelo Ferraz (who collaborated with Lina Bo Bardi in several projects including Sesc Pompéia) and Francisco Fannuci have long record of interesting creations, such as a Brazilian neighborhood in Berlin.

And I have a little anecdote about Marcelo Ferraz. One day, a friend sent me a text written by Marcelo for translation. It was a presentation to be given in Holland, a bit trickier to translate than the usual stuff. I translated and e-mailed it just in time to go to the public meeting where the revitalization projects undertaken by Mayor Machado were being discussed. Of course, one of the speakers was Marcelo Ferraz, the man whose words I had just spent the afternoon translating.

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